Meet our stylist

Ashleigh Jimenez

Licensed Cosmetologist

Ashleigh has had a passion for caring for people since a young age and although she wasn’t aware of where that passion would take her it didn’t take long to figure it out. She began her journey in 2010 at Douglas J Aveda Institute where she would receive her cosmetology license in 2012, She had been cutting hair in a salon ever since And was often requested by the senior population. During Covid Ashleigh noticed her clients were in need of her services in their home for different reasons some of them include being homebound, feeling safer at home during this time, and it just being easier to have a stylist come to them. This struck the idea For Mobile Services.What better way to care for people than in the comfort of their own home so in 2021 Ashleigh left her salon job to start mobile cuts and more.